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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Work from home ... and the laptop alternative.

It has been a long time since I have not posted. Between my busy programmer/engineer life , my fitness schedule and my time spent reading about finances/investment I do not find time to log my thoughts.
So this year I joined a new company a small startup (which will remain nameless for the time being).
One of the benefits was a very expensive state of the art Dell Precision laptop equipped with SSD and 8GB RAM .. something I could not afford to buy with my salary as a software developer and the prices in this city.
The other benefit was working from home (no limit there) . As I am obsessed with "the zone" you can imagine that I took that benefit and took a day off .
My vision on laptops was the following : Very expensive equipments that are only effective for the rich guys to check their emails and do some office work. I could buy my Core i7 computer for about 700 Euro .. a laptop would have been 2200 Euros at least.
Once I was given this laptop I found my self working on company's projects (or personal stuff ) whenever I had time. I developed a user interface while waiting for my car's 10.000 km maintenance ... I coded in restaurants and of course from home.
Well there are some drawback normally : like no dual monitor, no good keyboard mouse , no ergonomic position.
Thankfully at work I have a dual monitor setup with a docking station allowing me to plugin whichever keyboard I want.
So I had a blast working at home one friday .. 12h of uninterrupted productivity.
The only drawback : You can't stop and go home ...you're already there.
Of course Skype contacts and email helps .. and the fact that everybody gets to work from home as they please.

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