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Monday, May 10, 2010

Following my yearly plan , going to the darkside ?

I am back again ..
First thing .. I managed to get to Constanta .. 10 h in the first day and 12h in the second day.The good thing is that I got there the bad is that I was among the last.
Strange enough there were several guys with new road bikes that did not make it.
The worst local brand "DHS" was present , some competitors used the damn bikes and got there .. with 100 Euros bikes. It's not all in the equipment after all.
The organization was not perfect and strange enough only the ones that left the group and went ahead got to Constanta , 60 km before a call to buses was made to pickup everybody , I and a couple of friends on MTB's were ahead and managed to continue.
The final descent to Constanta (at 21:00 I think) was made in complete darkness and at full (MTB) speed .. fantastic.As I and other fat cyclists learned 150 km (90 miles almost) are not something to do on a MTB when fighting wind and hills. Eventually we all got there .. but it was not easy.
Getting to Constanta made me think I can do what I really want to do .. so last week I went to Iasi and finished "Programming Ruby" by Pragmatic Programmers .. I really think I am able to write basic Ruby programs but still I am not ready to make the switch just yet but I do intend to use Ruby for prototyping.
And finally I bought the vouchers for SCEA as I intend to pass the Sun certification finally (part 2 and 3). I decided to really dedicate 2h /day (at least) to it to make sure I pass it before July 23rd.
Last but not least I intend to start a master in Management ( Management of IT projects) which finally puts me in the "DARK" side of programming - management.
To quote Jack O'Neill in Stargate : " I spent my whole life sticking it to the man .. now I am the man".
For starters I still think I need to pass the certification to increase the chances of getting a real architect Job .. or a senior software developer (as in respected senior software developer not the stuff I have to get through)

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