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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Finally a manager I like

As I already mentioned I am a fan of Joel Spolsky and of Peopleware.
I do believe in getting into the zone and developing quality code without interruptions. I jumped ship to a smaller company in order to actually develop code without doing 1 meeting/day.

My ex-manager used to call 2 meetings /day when things were not going as fast as required.
Then one of the members of my team asked : When are we going to work then ? Things are pretty desperate now .. it will go worse with more meetings . Sadly this guy was the first to be sent home when the time came.
Right now I am doing Scrum and I really enjoy the work from home approach to implement the caves and commons pattern .. when I really need to focus and get things done I stay at home.
The weird part is that more and more managers claim that the more you are interrupted the better the work you deliver ... my opinion is that communication time and "zone" or "flow" time must be balanced carefully and more to the zone time for knowledge workers

Jason Fried from 37 signals pretty much nails it with this video:

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