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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sun Certified Enterprise Architect

Today I received a mail from Sun (well Oracle) stating that I have passed the architect certification .. one of my objectives for the year.
What does this mean ? It means I have passed the highest Sun Java certification enabling me to actually design and implement a solution for an actual business problem. It is an external confirmation of my worth as a professional and it makes me confident I can use my UML and design skills at my job.
It has been a lengthy process starting from I could say December 2006 (officially in October 2007 with part 1) and really ending in July 2010 (on 23rd) with the submission of the assignment.
How I took the parts
In October 2007 while working in France I took part I - easiest of all
May 2010 I received the assignment and started working on it.
Two months and a lot of work latter I submitted the assignment .
August 18th - received email from Sun confirming I have passed.

I was really busy and tried to stay committed to the goal while maintaining a busy work schedule and other social obligations. I think SCEA is a worthy goal for people with less than 10 years experience.

As I posted on the blog I was really motivated to do it as I had invested some money into it.
Now I am working on a GWT and Java application which will be running in the Google App Engine and which will be available to plenty of users (me especially). But that is for another post.

My Ruby love -affair is still on and on weekends using my wife's laptop I do some coding in Ruby also but for now I can't find anything relevant in the job market - not even project-based.
I had to cancel the master program (did not want to get into debt to finance it) but otherwise I am doing pretty good.

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