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Monday, November 16, 2009

Technical leader or team leader ?

At last I have been promoted mostly against my will :). I am leading a 3 persons team at work and I am working in a pretty complex project. I am now a team leader writing documents , attending meetings and generally being in charge of things.
Basically I am what I hated 3 years ago .. giving tasks around and checking on people. I try to keep from delegating work I do not understand but I am tempted to skip boring parts and do the interesting parts my self. I can delegate I am a team leader :). I want everybody to be able to work in the team and enjoy their work but I can see that that is not always the case and motivating people is an art I do not master for the moment but is crucial for the job you do (no matter how silly the CRUD app looks like).
One of my former team leaders was able to inspire me and make me learn stuff and I wish I could inspire my team members to be passionate about their work ( I keep failing at this for the moment).
Here is a discussion I like about being a technical leader.

People look at(good) team leaders with respect , I really believe in teams that can coordinate themselves without a central character leading the show because this is a domain where people are smart but that is just me.
As a team leader you need to be interrupted , to answer questions to redirect questions and in general to be in a constant communication mode.
So if you wanna be a team leader you need to forget about long stretches in the zone and learn to handle interruptions and even to be expected to get out of the zone when a team member asks you stuff (coding while listening to music is no longer possible all day long).
Maybe a good alternative to do that would be to have a meeting daily in which you decide tasks , solve questions and prepare the work to be done in "the zone". Would a wiki help ? would a forum ? well I don't know but I need to find out.
What would a technical leader do ? Well mostly the same but the requirements would not be handled , and I guess they get to be left alone and decide what to do by themselves and just advise the (very junior) developers on how to get their things done.

On the other hand at the start of November a crash ended my biking to work odyssey :( and I started jogging on and off 3-4 times a week to replace the effort. My weight is stable around 98-99kg and I am starting to be annoyed because I got used to the 2kg every week loss. This is annoying. I need to get the weight DOWN to 90kg ASAP.So this blog will contain less biking and more running.

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