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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Getting stuck ...

This is probably a defining moment. After only 2 weeks of dieting I have lost about 7 kg (that's 15.4 pounds in US measurements). However I am obsessive about my weight now. I need to be at 75 kg(150-155 pounds) and now I am at 107 kg(235.4) pounds). I have been stuck here for almost 2 days (I know this is not significant but I am still bothered).
I am aware that a diet takes time and is more about the lifetime change than anything else but I can't wait to get these 30 kg off. And what bothers me is that I've been in this fight for like 23 of my 28 years (before that I wasn't aware of this issue) and never won for more then a few months (that was in 1998 when I managed to get to 80 kg after running for about the whole year).
As a note giving up Cola though very difficult changed a lot. Most of the weight loss process was caused by this thing.

Living as an obese person is not what I want so before thinking about huge goals like having my own company , promotions , buying a house , invest in the stock markets .. I feel like getting control over my body is more important.

The life as a programmer does not help . You are sitting on a chair coding all day drinking Coca-Cola or Pepsi.
Without bike commuting I don't know if I would still be alive. My worst ever weight (in 2004) was 135 kg (297 pounds) and diabetes and/or heart problems would have ended my life soon (10 years top) if I had not started to bike commute.
So far I always had more important things to do and gave up trying to loose weight but from now on this is the to priority.
My target is getting to 100kg(220 pounds) by the end of the year and to 75 kg by the end of next year NO MATTER WHAT.
These guys in US are very inspiring so I am trying to read their idea's carrefully.
This post seems to draw the picture for programmers and fitness. This being said Jeff Atwood has no idea how it feels to be fat and most of the interesting points can be found in the comments. Joel Spolsky looks slightly more chubby though.

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