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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Being in "the zone"

The last 2 days I witnessed a quite rare phenomenon for me : I was in "the zone" totally focused .. racing against myself to finish a tight deadline. Yes it all clicked .. everything matched unbelievable for me. Like in that Swordfish scene when the coder had to break into the Pentagon's defenses well you know it INTENSE concentration .
As a reader of the JoelOnSoftware discussion forum I came to believe that you needed a quiet private office to really focus on the coding job .. but it is more complicated than that.
Everything from your family problems to the food you ate that morning to the fitness level affect your concentration. The fact that I just jumped to coding after some quite short planning period (1 h) is unlike me.
I realized that Joel's strategy Fire & Motion the one article I never understood or agreed on his site is quite true and a revelation these days.
The combination of Montignac diet , bike commuting and a touch of GTD really made my last 2 days great(high energy levels , high concentration even a slight improvement in my social skills).
I actually finished most tasks ahead of schedule .. which I never did before, and now I am looking forward to getting back to more work which is a change.
My most sever problem ever is procrastination . Now at age 28 I realize I wasted a lot of my life just delaying things and I am trying to catch back. I like to think the rest of my life will be more like "No Fear!" kind than the first 28 years.
A stupid example of procrastination : Never copy /paste . That is false. I did copy pasted code today and I did hack things ... but I made notes to refactor later.
Getting things done is more important than doing things right for now.
Yes I used to yell : Technical Debt whenever I saw a 1000 lines class ... not anymore.
The customers really don't care if you have nice and clean code or a big ball of MUD. They need to use the system now not when you do it nice(100 years from now).
That's about it for now I do need to prepare for the bike commute tomorrow.

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