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Monday, April 26, 2010

Biking the metric century and Ruby

So I am back on the bike and although I did not loose any weight recently I managed to get back on the bike for 3 weeks now.
For the weekend I brought my Decathlon hybrid bike to Bucharest from my hometown.
It was a 5h 120 km long trip with a lot of tail wind :) making me coast with 25km/h.
I was tired but I managed to break my old 7h and a half record with the Dahon.
Kind of scary considering I will have to do 275 km this Saturday and Sunday together with more trained people at a 24 km/h average (without the tail wind).Guess I will post Monday morning about it.
Also as a programmer I started to learn Ruby as a new programming language.
Funny enough it is a scripting language but is very popular and then I do agree that a true programmer must be capable of learning more than 1 language.
So I am a Java programmer but being able to use Php and/or Ruby means I am not limited to one (albeit very good ) technology when finding the solution to problems and that is an advantage.
On the other hand I do not think I will ever master Ruby as much as I do master Java.
While choosing this new language I was debating between Python and Ruby .. and I still am a bit but as my favorite "guru" Martin Fowler supports Ruby .. and as the "pragmatic programmers" chose Ruby I need to investigate it first.
I have in my mind to write 2 apps to replace my current Java and PHP ones.
One in Ruby (intranet) and one in Python (online on Google App Engine).
Meanwhile I want to start on my Architect certification but apparently can't afford it.

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